Subsequently, a nearby tobacco office to cigarette smoking farmers one on one subsidies, portion introduction involving tobacco suitable machinery, to ensure villagers gradually through the heavy guide book labor freedom.

In 2012, which has a subsidy involving 50, 000 yuan through the local cigarette smoking department and a few of his very own money, Li zhengwei bought a huge tractor that will combines a new deep plow and also a crushing plow. Depending upon these "helpers", Li Zhengwei expanded the spot of flue-cured cigarette smoking planting in your own home year by simply year, and lifespan of everyone in your house became a lot more moist.

Throughout 2018, while using support coming from all levels, local cigarette smoking departments implemented the project of "stabilization involving core cigarette smoking areas", Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online that may be, to secure good job areas for flue-cured cigarette smoking cultivation by way of land shift, further help the level Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Cartons along with income involving flue-cured cigarette smoking growers, and ensure the standard of tobacco foliage. After mastering this Wholesale Cigarettes Store reports, Li Zhengwei quickly expressed the will on the local cigarette smoking department.