Peerless Sky Fox _ Pai Pai Novels
A man dressed in gray cloth divinatory symbol jumped up Huangpu Ning saw the man's face can not help but stay if she is not wrong this person should be Di Xiaofeng! In the impression of Huangpu Ning Di Xiaofeng should be dressed in exquisite silk clothes proud and arrogant with extremely serious cleanliness How could it be the man in front of you "Do you know me girl" Said Di Xiaofeng Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer with confused eyes Huang Pu Ning's face accosted "mistaken identity sorry" Di Xiaofeng bowed slightly and a boy beside him who was not much worse in clothes came forward and said "Childe would you like to go back to the mansion and change your clothes" Di Xiaofeng shook his head with a smile and whispered "Just wipe it clean with me" Then he nodded to Huangpu Ning and sat back in his original position Huangpu Ning was able to stuff two eggs into his mouth at this time Is that Di Xiaofeng Like Di Xiao Summit Chu Huan glanced up at her lightly and she sat back in place just lowering her head frowning as if she were thinking about something Huang Tiekou was still talking about the battle between the fox fairy and the spider demon Suddenly a female voice sounded "What you said is wrong!"! It was Lord Tianhu who slapped the monster to death! The flower God didn't do it! There was a moment of consternation and a moment of silence Both upstairs and downstairs looked at the two men who had just stepped in from outside the door The two men seemed to be brother and sister wearing ordinary cloth jackets and looking ordinary One looked twelve or thirteen years old and the other looked only seven or eight years old It's just that the longer boy seems to be limping on one leg And another little girl after receiving the public's eye-catching gifts Teng blushed and Baba could not speak Quickly hid behind the elder brother showing a pair of almond eyes with alert and shy to look at all the people Huang Tiekou stiffened this is the adult of that family did not take good care of the child let the child to stir up his game Chu Huan looked up at the girl opposite when he heard the sound while Huang Pu Ning was staring at the two little brothers and sisters = First issue of Gentleman Hall = It's Ze Ze and Yu Feng! What are these two little foxes doing in the human world Huang Pu Ning coughed loudly a few times the eyes of the people looked at her again and saw an ordinary girl slowly eating vegetables as if nothing had happened Gradually everyone stopped saluting the girl and there was a sound upstairs and downstairs And Ze Ze and Yu Feng saw Huang Pu Ning at that moment Eyes burning out gorgeous colors Yu Feng is suffocating red face Baba's sky fox adult! Before he had completely exported he was pulled tight by Ze Ze Ze Ze gave her a wink Yu Feng understood but still could not help feeling excited completely forgetting whether Lord Tianhu would punish them for sneaking out Huang Pu Ning looked at Ze Ze pulling Yu Feng to bow his head quietly walked over and sat on both sides of Huang Pu Ning She didn't expect to see the two little foxes It was unusual outside now Even she came out carefully So he gave them a cold face and planned to teach them a lesson The two foxes knew that they had done something wrong As soon as they sat down they fawned on each other One fox snuggled up to Huangpu Ning Huang Pu Ning was indifferent to Ze Ze's blinking star eyes Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer but when he turned his head he saw the best Luo Liyu's eyes looking Berberine Hydrochloride Factory at him shyly and excitedly But she has decided to teach the two little foxes a good lesson Even if you are cute again you have to wait for the lesson She was about to speak But Chu Huan looked up from the teacup and said "Younger martial sister let them play first" It's rare to meet a flower God festival It means a lesson after the festival But Ze Ze and Yu Feng do not know this meaning for a time to Chu Huan's good impression soars Huang Pu Ning is stupefied thought oneself really come out to play Let's settle accounts with the two foxes after that And Yu Feng had already dragged the corner of her clothes Tears rolled in the eyes as if because she was too excited did not expect to listen to Ze Ze's words to sneak out unexpectedly also met the day fox adult Then originally already not stammer she stammered again at this time "Day day fox adult!" " Huangpu Ning heard her stutter called himself small appearance to make more people love to make more people love the original decision in the heart did not know where to let her go

^ ^ Gentleman Hall first ^ ^ She lovingly holds Yu Feng in her arms regardless of Ze Ze's jealous eyes lowers her head and gently imprints a kiss on her forehead Yu Feng shyly hid in Huangpu Ning's arms To Ze Ze responded with an apologetic look it seems that since he came the day fox adult rarely hugged him After dinner Huang Tiekou also finished the story Di Xiaofeng had already got up and left Thyroid Powder Factory And there was a lively parade under the inn The hearts of the three foxes were hooked by the parade Eyes can not help but fall on the body of Chu Huan Chu Huan took the last sip of tea and glanced at the three pairs of expectant eyes I sniggered in my heart The expression couldn't help softening up "Let's go" Go and see As soon as the words fell the three foxes stood up You know they are waiting for Chu Huan's words Huangpu Ning couldn't wait to take Chu Huan's hand And then pulled the wind Yu Feng pulls Ze Ze Three foxes and one person under the leadership of someone rushed into the bustling and crowded crowd The people in the parade were dressed in flowery clothes and almost all the places where flowers could be worn were covered with flowers They performed their own programs and Huangpu Ning was dazzled by all kinds of programs Because the crowd is too high and Ze Ze's body is not enough but the tiptoe can still vaguely see the point Yu Feng on the other hand was completely blocked Chu Huan saw the look in the little fox's eyes Out of his affection for the fox clan caused by someone Chu Huan gently picked up the fox and raised his arm Then he looked at the shy face of the little fox and said softly "Can you see it clearly like this" Yu Feng's little face was red and she answered with a stutter "I can see that" Thank you thank you Xiao Tao Jun Chu Huan held her higher again regardless of the hostility of Ze Ze freeing up a hand to hold Huangpu Ning who was looking around and looking at the excitement in her eyes he knew that the fox with the heaviest playfulness had been held back in recent years