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After that Zhao Kui followed Zhao Yong in everything Zhao Kui could enter the special brigade and Zhao Yong's example was the key Because of this Zhao Kuicai did not hesitate to apply for retirement after Zhao Yong retired As for the other person who was rescued with Zhao Kui he was grateful for Zhao Yong's kindness "He and Zhao Kui had a very good relationship so they applied together and were finally brought here by He Jie" Brother Zhao it's all right We will be a family together in the future "I will never let you suffer any grievance here!" After listening Li Yang was also very emotional and stood up and hugged Zhao Yong and several other people In Li Yang's heart Zhao Yong is very admired for his own brother to do things that violate discipline to say very bad but in personal feelings Li Yang is fully agreed If Li Cheng had something to do "Li Yang would rush to rescue him regardless of the consequences" Thank you Zhao Yong said softly Glucono Delta Lactone that since he had come here he and other people naturally knew the fate of the future and their lives in the future would be closely linked with the young people in front of them When He Jie first found them he said his intention directly "Of course he also said some great principles These people are trustworthy Although Zhao Yong made a mistake this kind of mistake is very appreciated by He Jie" The old man also knows their situation and is equally satisfied with these people This time things can go so smoothly and so fast In fact the old man has done some work behind his back Brother Zhao I won't agree to what you said Don't say thank you to our brothers in the future I have a lot of things to rely on Brother Zhao in the future! Li Yang's face changed as if he was very angry but everyone knew that Li Yang had done it on purpose Zhao Yong's face finally showed a smile when he and Li Yang stayed together for a few days at first thought that Li Yang was a princeling young master looking for excitement so the attitude was very bad when he picked up the plane A few days later Zhao Yongcai found that neither Li Yang nor He Jie had any dandy spirit especially Li Yang who was more like an ordinary young man After discovering the treasure Zhao Yong became more and more curious about Li Yang Because of this Zhao Yong did not object after He Jie put forward his intention Of course this also has a certain relationship with the status of the He family The He family is a big political family It is impossible for them to do something that violates the principle If it violates the principle Zhao Yongning will not agree to He Jie's proposal even if he is in prison Mr Li let me introduce you As soon as Zhao Yong began to speak he was interrupted by Li Yang "Brother Zhao we will all be a family in the future You either call me Li Yang or call me brother Don't call me sir I'm used to listening to you It's uncomfortable for you to call me It's okay to throw away these cliche things!" Zhao Yong looked straight at Li Yang S Adenosyl Methionine and after a while the smile at the corners of his mouth became stronger All right Brother Li it's up to you! Zhao Yong is indeed a few years older than Li Yang this name is nothing several other people looked at each other their faces showed a smile Originally they were a little worried that the young people they would follow in the future would not get along with each other Now it seems that Thyroid Powder Factory this worry is unnecessary Li Yang is even better than they imagined This is Li Er and Ma Liang You've seen Li Laodi! Zhao Yong introduced Li Yang again First of all he pointed to two people Li Yang had known before By doing so he officially recognized Li Yang's identity In the future they will follow Li Yang They are Li Yang's private bodyguards not the special forces I know that the Li brothers and I are our own family and I broke the helmet of the Ma brothers! Li Yang smiled and said hello to them again while He Jie showed a look of envy Who says Li Yang is simple and straightforward he is anxious with who now Li Yang this means is very fierce just met to take the hearts of the people now he Jie wants to detain these people I am afraid not

Think of He Jie and feel very unbalanced he ran around for so long looking for a lot of talent to settle their affairs these people did not see how grateful to him now Li Yang just a few simple words into a family how can the gap between people be so big "This is Hu Lei my fellow-townsman and my brother and this time I have been involved!" Zhao Yong introduced another slightly shorter person to Li Yang Hu Lei and Zhao Yong came from the same city They always had the best feelings in the army Knowing that Zhao Yong went out to rescue Zhao Kui they immediately followed him secretly and were implicated this time Brother Yong don't say that I'm voluntary As long as Xiao Kui is all right it's better than anything else! Hu Lei is a straightforward person grinning took the initiative to say to Li Yang "Li Ge I heard something about you the brothers will follow you in the future!" "Xiaolei's character is very straightforward Li Laodi don't care this is my brother Zhao Kui and his brother Haidong!" Zhao Yong also introduced the last two people to Li Yang After that his expression was a little serious He said softly to Li Yang "Li Yang Mr He is here today There is something we must explain to you first You can do anything you want us to do but it must not be against our conscience In that case we would rather go back to the army to accept punishment!" As soon as Zhao Yong said this several other people nodded their heads Brother Zhao please rest assured that I will never let you do anything against your conscience which I can swear! Li Yang said hurriedly this even if Zhao never put forward Li Yang can not do if do those things the old man estimated that the first one can not forgive him! ~! Netizen Upload Chapter 539 Auction (Part 1) After meeting Li Yang Zhao Shui followed Li Yang to the new field In addition to protecting Li Yang several people also need to protect the treasures in Li Yang's collection Now they have made up their minds to stay and want to start their work earlier It is very important for them to be familiar with the environment "They need to know everything about the environment so that they can achieve more perfect protection"