Fengqi Kunlun
Jian Kunlun is no exception Suddenly he was taken aback feeling a rather ominous hint and an idea suddenly rose from the bottom of his heart- "If Liu Dieyi completely ignored the warning of the miraculous doctor Huang Kong risked his life and went all out with his skill it would be very impressive on his own side although with the strength of four people it would be difficult to predict victory or defeat!"! But what to do In the end Liu Dieyi the leader of the underworld a generation of demons has its strange and unpredictable side There are some things that cannot be covered by one's own imagination Moreover what kind of realm has the other party's skill reached But also not their own can know In short if the other side gives up everything it is also forced by the current situation in fact he has no choice The matter is greatly worrying Only blame Qin Taiyi and other three visits came too fast if only one of their own will not force the other side to fight with all their strength It's too late to think about anything Liu Dieyi looked very calm His deep eyes swept over the four of them never let go of the limited space on the scene Look Theobromine Powder up at the top look at the four directions at your feet everything is already in the calculation All right you just let go Said Liu Dieyi backhand back shoulder pulled out the sword behind him a touch of Qingxia flashing from the slender blade but not the one he fought to become famous Just because he loved Li Qilang too much before he left he lent him his most famous and favorite sword but he preferred to take the more inferior Qingming With Liu Dieyi's swordsmanship there would not be much difference in the use of any sword which was beyond reproach but at the moment in front of him he had a kind of regret regretting that the famous sword he used was not at hand especially when the autumn dew under the moon held by Jian Kunlun one of the enemies was in his eyes which made him feel an indescribable regret The other four in addition to Gong Tianyu's weapon is a pair of four sticks the other three are long swords For a moment the house was filled with a cold sword This kind of swordsmanship comes from excellent swordsmanship which is extremely sharp and cold Because both the enemy and ourselves are the top figures in the martial arts world for a time their skills and momentum are naturally considerable In the trance everyone seemed to have a strange feeling of terror At that moment someone had wielded the first sword that was enough to win This man turned out to be Liu Dieyi As far as the current situation is concerned no matter how superb Liu Dieyi's swordsmanship is he is always dwarfed by the four enemies who are all chosen for the moment not to mention that he is carrying a man on his back and still has a chronic illness According to the constant theory it is right that he should be in a defensive position where the offensive is less than the defensive But he abandoned the defense and attacked and sent out an incredibly quick sword A touch of blue clouds flashed from the bottom of Liu Dieyi's wrist What a beautiful gesture! With his swing of the right hand there is a piece of butterfly clothes extremely natural and graceful but it is full of murder Liu Dieyi must have deeply realized that the Heme Iron Polypeptide present is the key to life and death so he did not hesitate to win by surprise and displayed his life-saving trick which is extremely difficult to show in his life that is the Seven Swords of Dieyi which he became famous for It is a pity that none of the four people in front of us knows anything about it and provides experience Be the first to bear the brunt of a sword was Fang Tianxing Nonoxynol 9 Factory This young knight-errant when it comes to swordsmanship may have a lot to offer but he never expected that the first sword of the other side would come straight to him Panic for a moment Fang Tianxing long sword horizontal Chen intended to arm when the car with the true strength of the inner gas hard to take his sword He wants to go left! Liu Dieyi's sword is so magical and strange If it is real it is real If it is empty it is empty The wonderful thing is that he gives Fang Tianxing the feeling that it is obviously true! Hearing the sound the two swords were clearly in contact with each other While Fang Tianxing was standing out the other side's sword was like a bee with pistils As soon as it touched it left With a big word B drawn by the Green Destiny Long Sword it brushed the ground and flashed past from Fang Tianxing's armpit A large area of blood along with the sword pulled out by Liu Dieyi immediately oozed from Fang Tianxing's armpit and in an instant dyed his right jacket red The sword was badly wounded It is not only the wound of the blade but also the true power of the inner Qi through the blade Fang Tianxing almost did not even say a word under a shock his face was as white as snow and he fell straight down

But at the same time Jian Kunlun and other three people have rushed up at full speed especially the sword of Jian Kunlun which is very powerful Liu Dieyi succeeded with a sword She looked like a giant butterfly among the flowers When she dodged to the right Jian Kunlun's sword really had the potential of Mount Tai's pressure When her head was covered she fell Big Peng Jian Qi like a day of heavy rain cover head straight down Liu Dieyi snorted in the nose and with a vibration of his horizontal arm he sought a dream between the flowers in the second of the seven styles of Dieyi and knocked open the other side's sword This sword is extremely heavy Even with Liu Dieyi's skill it is not easy Liu Dieyi's body overflowed straight out but it was a sword of the old man Qin which was so cruel and strange that it pierced Liu's long clothes at a critical moment probably leaving a sword mark on his back There is absolutely no room for such a killing scene in the room With Liu Dieyi's rotating body there was a loud crash and the whole window was broken Liu Dieyi's body and flying clouds had escaped from the window Gong Tianyu roared and came out like a whirlwind The body potential square falls the ear listens to behind Jian Kunlun's exclamation "Careful!" " But it's too late A sword light from the left Gong Tianyu simply can not dodge holding the right hand of the stick connected to the arm root has been cut down by the other side's sword In the mournful and angry roar Gong Tianyu's left hand was really pulled on Liu's chest The end is the strength of the collapse lost Rao is so but also no small matter In the hula sound pulled down a piece of Liu's corset a force of shock making Liu Dieyi body also like the wind flying out But it was a fall and disappeared in the dark night Gong Tianyu stumbled at his feet and then lay down in a pool of blood Qin Taiyi took a step forward threw himself down and called out "Second Brother" But it is boundless night hate to gnash teeth click sound Chien Kunlun stamped his foot heavily and said with a deep sigh "Elder brother I'll go after him" The body shakes the place also disappears for it The night is blurred Jian Kunlun ran in a dark wood pioneer-biotech.com