Earning Money, Examining and Supporting the Family in the Imperial Examination of the Agricultural Gate-Rabbit Moon Pass
Cousin Dou and his wife who had been cheated by the little guy were not in the mood to eat after paying more than one hundred taels They were just stupid not because of their IQ They were obviously fooled by other people's half-grown children People around them looked at them like fools They didn't have the face to continue eating in that restaurant So he had to leave quickly and change places Lactoferrin Manufacturer But what they didn't know was that because of the'forthright 'performance of the scene just now they had been noticed by the small hoodlums in the county town followed by a group of local ruffians and hooligans This kind of person is stupid and has a lot of money The guy from other places is a standard'big fat sheep ' He has no ability to travel far to play Who will not be trapped by this kind of person Those who send themselves to the door will not be slaughtered in vain Fortunately their husband and wife also know to hire bodyguards when they go far away otherwise they will be directly blocked in the alley and robbed But these local ruffians and hooligans that will be easy to give up open robbery is not good secretly steal it wave after wave of'accidentally bump into 'patronize And the hired bodyguards have long been tormented by the couple's temper all the way anyway they are just guarantors did not say to guarantee money early to steal these two fools and go back early As a result several bodyguards even if they had seen that the people who bumped into them had problems were too lazy to remind them just waiting to go home early and check out early and never take the two jobs again L Methylfolate Factory So when they found a new place to eat and were ready to pay they found that their purses had disappeared for a long time "Whoo what a place! It's too dark We'll never come here again!" The first time they went out to play the couple were blackened by the outside world and left a strong psychological shadow Chapter 147 Because the merchant ship had to stay in Yangzhou County for two days everyone had a whole day to relax the next day But on this day most people will not go too far to play but all choose to go to various restaurants dim sum shops and other places selling food to buy food that can be stored for a long time ready to take back to the boat to eat to cope with the next month's sailing journey This is also a matter of no way the cook on the merchant ship is generally skilled and because of the limited materials the taste of the dishes is really not very good but also expensive Want to do it yourself the boat is made of wood even candles are not allowed to light easily how to cook only a special kitchen can provide hot food and hot water So while resting their feet everyone is buying dry food Lin Ze is almost the same while taking everyone shopping while buying all kinds of food that can be stored they have already eaten almost all the food they brought out from Nanyang Town leaving only chocolate peanut candy and other children's snacks in their luggage In addition there is Lin's milk which must be supplemented fresh preservation can not last long but can be fermented into yogurt can also drink to the capital otherwise the child's nutrition can not keep up This preparation the second day basically spent almost the same time until the third day in the morning and then go to the restaurant to pack two fresh food we have to rush on board to continue the journey D BHB Factory They didn't see Dou Ying's cousin and his wife when they queued up to get on the boat and they didn't know whether they had too much fun in Yangzhou County and forgot the time to get on the boat or whether they simply stayed in Yangzhou County to play Anyway regardless of their affairs Lin Ze did not care much - The days on the ship are still boring but scholars like Lin Ze who rush to take exams have a lot of things to do so they should take the time to read and review more books Because there is a good teacher to help grasp the key points so Lin Ze's review is very purposeful and directional According to'Han teacher 'said the examination questions of this year's imperial examination focus is still the same as the provincial examination focusing on mathematics and policy theory the purpose of your majesty's opening Enke is to select a wave of people directly to fill the position of those ministers who were beheaded before So this time it doesn't matter if the poems and songs are not good As long as the ability to handle affairs is strong enough the hope of passing the exam is very great Lin Ze is very confident in this respect he is a person who does practical things but he is not really confident enough to think that he is the best in the world although he has modern advanced knowledge but the ancient is also full of talent So Lin Ze is still very serious review every day pick around the human geography books to read and then with the ship's merchants and sailors to exchange the customs of all over the world

Don't look at these like miscellaneous books if the test really wants to test the ability to handle affairs it will certainly take a current event to the examinee to analyze and solve What can the current affairs of the court have Isn't it a problem that can't be solved by governing the country everywhere If you don't even know the local customs and human geography how can you find a way to solve it The written answer is just an armchair strategist which is not in line with reality When Dou Ying heard what Lin Ze said he thought it was very reasonable so he put down the Four Books and Five Classics and read miscellaneous books with him Anyway the Four Books and Five Classics have been memorized for a long time Now it is to review the old and learn the new so as to relieve the tension and pressure before the exam Now that there is a new direction of course we should pay attention to it With a partner to analyze and discuss Lin Ze's progress is much faster than when he looked at it Sure enough it is the saying that there must be my teacher when three people walk together and it is always impossible to build a car behind closed doors In fact the boring life on the ship Lin Ze is tolerable the only thing that makes him very bitter is to take Lin and three apprentices he can not make out with Zhang at most when sleeping kiss twice dare not make a noise Otherwise the son is still in bed the ear room is only separated by a door and there are three light bulbs outside to listen to the corner This is very hard for Lin Ze except when Zhang was pregnant and in confinement both of them lived a very long life at other times after all they were young and vigorous And as he grew older he became more and more beautiful When I first met him he was only eighteen years old and there were still some young people Now two years have passed and he has grown up He is in his prime Every day he looks at him with affectionate eyes and lies beside him Lin Ze said that his self-control was really too limited and it was very hard to endure But it was not convenient on the boat so he could only hug and kiss his wife and then sleep honestly In this way after another month's voyage they finally arrived at the capital dock pioneer-biotech.com