Chasing Miser's Wife: Daddy's Coming, Son's Running
For Qi Ming night it is absolutely a thankless business he is crazy to be Gu shallow a few tears to make a mess! If his woman still complains about him in the end Qi Mingye will die of regret! "Even if it's only half you must do it!" Gu shallow voice is very firm looked up at Qi Ming night seriously word by word "I only believe you!" Does Chapter 817 put a lot of pressure on you I only trust you Qi Sex Enhancement Powder Mingye's hand on her shoulder tightened and her cold lips opened slightly "Hmm" "Where are we going now" Get Qi Ming night's affirmative answer Gu shallowly suddenly breathed a sigh of relief ……” Qi Mingye raised his eyebrows and glanced at Gu Shallow knowing that her point was not this sentence and did not answer Don't you need to prepare in advance if you want to operate on Ran Ran Gu Shallow and quickly added a sentence She's the one who's nervous as if she's going to have an operation You think I need it I won't do it if I keep talking It's just a minor operation and if it wasn't for the cancer he wouldn't have to do it himself …… b(╯﹏╰)b……” Gu Shallow Does she dare to speak Out of the DQ laboratory Qi Mingye drove with Gu Shallow to the city center Gu shallow mind is immersed in an Mo dye to prepare for surgery did not notice Qi Ming night driving in the direction of what is wrong the bustling scenery outside the window is also directly ignored It was half a ring before he suddenly raised his head Qi Mingye if the tumor becomes cancerous after the operation is there really no way to control it "Swish-" The speeding Maserati quickly stopped at the side of the road Qi Mingye smashed his hand on the steering wheel and roared Gu Shallow if you mention the operation to me again I will poison you! Early in the morning my mind was full of Anmo Ran Don't want to see an Mo Ran sad good! He has tried to help Ann Mo dye to save the uterus she is now in turn worried about the risk of surgery this woman is endless is it! "You're DQ and there's nothing you can do about it" Gu shallow is not afraid of Qi Ming night he roared is not once or twice Gu shallow has long known that Qi Ming night in front of her is a paper tiger just reluctant to really angry Qi Mingye hit the steering wheel with another punch and even Gu Shallow shook "Gu Shallow you want to die!" "I am not God if DQ can solve all the symptoms I will not be the first time to clean up the abnormal cells in your body!"! You pig brain! Qi Mingye's face became livid in an instant and the hand holding the steering wheel was so heavy that it almost crushed the steering wheel There is no way to cure his own woman and he cares about an Mo Ran to die! If he could control the mutation of the cells he would not struggle to keep the baby when he was pregnant Even now the new drug only temporarily controls the rate of cell division in her body and it is still unknown when it will fail Gu's shallow physical condition is now stable but who the hell knows if there will be a mutation tomorrow Every time I think of this Qi Ming night has a deep sense of powerlessness The entire DQ laboratory has refused to accept all cases and is trying its best to study this atypical case hoping to find a thorough solution in the shortest possible time Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer It happened that Gu Qianqian as if he did not know that he was also a "severe" patient was worried about others! He's so angry! "I'm sorry" Gu shallow sound small hand on the hand of Qi Ming night Qi Mingye was about to turn back when he felt a heavy shoulder and Gu Shallow did not know when he had unfastened his seat belt and his little head touched his generous shoulder Qi Mingye I know you are not a God but I am too dependent on you used to treat you as a God as if as long as you appear there is nothing that can not be solved I am like this is it giving you a lot of pressure Chapter 818 I praise you for being handsome How could she forget that Ann's situation was similar to hers She herself is a victim of cell mutation and she knows that once cell mutation occurs it can not be controlled by human beings at all

Is she too worried Kava Root Extract about an Mo dye will always give Qi Ming night pressure he is not feeling very tired Gu shallow eyes dim down Qi Ming night said right she is a "patient" to others to worry about care how can not overreach to worry about others "I know you're worried about me and I know you'll do your best since you promised to save me I'm not trying to put pressure on you I'm just worried" Just worried Even if you overreach yourself you can't take care of yourself An Mo Ran is like a shallow relative worried that this emotion is beyond her control Gu shallow little head next to Qi Ming night's shoulder delicate little face expression is soft eyes are slightly empty Qi Ming night our situation is not the same even if something happens to me you still have a son but if something happens to dye it is two lives "Oh!" Gu shallow words have not finished the lips were heavily kissed Qi Mingye's hot breath completely wrapped her his big hand unfastened the seat belt on the driver's seat his great body turned over locked Gu Shallow between his arms leaning back against the car seat tossing and turning Qi Mingye's kiss like a sudden rainstorm was crazy and warm as if to absorb Gu Shallow into his own body and pressed him heavily onto the seat For a long time the thin lips left her cherry lips and brushed the corners of her eyes and the tips of her eyebrows with trembling tenderness Gu Shallow dare to say such a thing again I will strangle you! "I forbid you to have any idea of leaving me If you dare to let yourself have an accident I dare to let your son become an orphan Try it if you don't believe me!" “……” Gu Shallow The petite body collapsed in his arms panting with confused eyes staring at Qi Mingye's gloomy handsome face It took a long time to realize what he had just said His glittering eyes shook his arms wrapped around his strong waist his face pressed tightly against her chest listening to his frantic heartbeat full of apologies I'm sorry I'm sorry It's my fault I said the wrong thing 。