Small Industral Centralized Dust Collection System has attracted more and more customers in the industry because of its efficient performance and small investment in equipment.

Dust dust collector failure and response

First, check the filter room and the filter tube to accumulate ash, water vapor or rust. When the above problems occur, it means that the filter barb is damaged or the operation process is incorrect.

Second, the inspection of pneumatic air valve can be determined according to its daily operating status. If the wind valve is not moved, check whether the gas and electricity are connected. In the case of determining the connection, check whether the solenoid valve is damaged. If the damage should be replaced, the solenoid valve should be replaced immediately.

Third, the electronic control element, and other components of the filter dust collector are very different, small INDUSTRIALIZED DUST COLLEATION SYSTEM electronic control components are not required to work regularly, but we recommend using the common gap between dust collectors to check and repair it, guarantee It is indeed intact. The inspection of the rectification elements such as solenoid valves can be checked by replacement.

Fourth, the failure of the membrane valve is generally divided into open and closed failures. The starting failure may be caused by the continuous work of the membrane valve, the excessive accumulation of internal impurities, and the severe wear of the membrane. The cause of the failure can be detected by the continuous leakage sound of the membrane valve. After finding the cause of the fault, first turn off the pressure system device, then remove the membrane valve cover to check whether there are debris, the film damage, and whether the spring is intact. The membrane valve closes the fault and can be judged by the sound of the valve. When the valve does not move or the electromagnetic parts but the valve does not move, it means that the electromagnetic operating valve or controller has problems and needs to be replaced.

Fifth, when the filter dust collector's box has a water gas phenomenon like a small porcus or rust, this is caused by the water vapor or the leakage from the outside. The water vapor problem is caused by the condensation of hot flue gas due to the low operating temperature. If the water vapor is caused by the leakage, it should be cleaned up in the box of the filter dust collector before It is performed by sealing welding, but it is necessary to pay attention to removing the filter or covering the filter tube before welding to prevent damage to the filter barrel of the welding spark. Such damage may be fatal for the filter barrel.

Six, small INDUSTRIALIZED DST COLLEATION SYSTEM's leakage is generally due to incorrect or sealing pads of the door. Correctly fix the inspection doors, replace the aging and deform sealing pads to solve the leakage of the inspection door.

Industrial Centralized Dust Collection System