The packaging carton needs to go through a whole process to complete. The printing process is unchanged, but with the same process, the effect of finished products printed by people with good design skills will attract more people's attention. The effect of finished products printed by people who can't design is still very bad.

Precautions in the process of artificial leather jewelry box factory:

1. Influence of paper characteristics on overprint accuracy of printed matter

The finer the product is, the higher the process is required. For fine print, the general allowable error must be within 0.05mm. In multi-color printing, there are many reasons for inaccurate overprint, but the paper deformation caused by the change of water content in the printing process is an important factor.

2. The influence of paper characteristics on the step reproduction of printed images

The ideal tone reproduction is the most important process to obtain high-quality printing images. Most of the bad prints are caused by the problem of tone reproduction.

3. The influence of paper characteristics on the gloss of printed matter during printing, the ink film transfers to the paper surface and fills the uneven paper surface, making the printed matter surface quite smooth. The specular reflection of light from the ink film surface of printed matter determines the gloss of printed matter, and the ink film surface is closely related to the characteristics of paper.

4. The influence of paper characteristics on dot gain

The effect of dot gain on the color change of copy is greater than any other variable. The amount of ink printed on the paper will affect the dot gain, and the dot gain will affect the printing contrast. When printing black and white or color tone images, dot gain will change the contrast of the image and cause the loss of image detail and definition. In multi-color printing, the increase of dot will lead to the loss of contrast, dark image, dot paste and cause sharp color changes.

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