High-rise buildings generally more buildings, the total construction area and the application of complex, must be high stability lighting control. the structure of big piano-key switch plastic mould According to the set timer and body movement sensor control, open all the general and decorative design lighting during the peak period of artificial abortion, usually only open the general and part of the decorative design lighting, when there is less artificial abortion, Only open the general lighting, and integration of infrared sensor control, automatic control as the leading, manual control assisted, not only can make the building lighting management method and equipment maintenance management more and more simple, but also more green.

Different areas of control composition

Intelligent, information management, personalized and digital financial business reception building, to bring safety, high efficiency, comfortable, environmental protection, energy saving and environmental protection of the indoor environment, so that it has become a landmark building of Jinan financial industry chain. Different components of control must be applied in different areas:

(1) Service project room in the project building. In this new project, the company's office, customers' leisure rooms and facilities are fixed. The traditional hard wire control is used, and the lighting power switch is controlled by the staff. (2) Public areas in high-rise buildings with large passenger flow, it is necessary to select an effective lighting control system. EIB system bus control is applied in the public area of this new project, which includes hall area, hall area, restaurant rooms, elevator room, flood lighting, public aisle and outdoor road surface, etc. Lighting control methods include infrared control, local control, voice control and timely control.

1. Open interior space

The open interior space of the new project includes the hall area, the hall area and the restaurant rooms, etc. The light layout and lighting lamps of the area are selected, apart from the general lighting requirements, in order to better set off the atmosphere, reflect the decorative design of the hierarchy and the overall brand image, and build a comfortable natural environment. Therefore, choose the control method of programming in advance to control the lighting in the open interior space, and according to the specific situation of each region, prepare a variety of lighting effect scene composition in advance, and the staff can at the same time according to the touch screen or intelligent control panel actual operation on the spot, in order to achieve different requirements, do not have the same visual impact.

Elevator lighting is controlled according to timer setting and body movement sensor. All general and decorative design lighting are turned on during peak hours of induced abortion, and only general and part of decorative design lighting are turned on normally. When induced abortion is less, only general lighting is turned on, and infrared sensor control is integrated.

2. Floodlight lighting (floodlight lighting for buildings, landscape lighting, advertising lighting and road lighting, etc.)

High-rise buildings are generally regarded as landmark buildings, the overall practical effect of floodlight lighting is very important. According to the structure of big piano-key switch plastic mould control system, the lighting composition is set in advance, and different control modes are selected according to different conditions.

Flood lighting, landscape lighting and advertising lighting application timer, set different opening time in different seasons, and integrate different festivals and events to develop situational control; Pavement lighting is controlled by chrominance controller and timer to reduce energy consumption.

3, aisle, outdoor pavement and transportation safety passage and other areas

In the service project area, sunlight is generally used to carry out lighting. When the sunlight is dark, human lighting is used. According to the original compressive strength of sunlight, illuminance sensor and timer are used to control the operation and maintenance of lighting system by segment and time-sharing chart. In addition, the outdoor pavement lighting control has the function of remote control, transport safety channel, aisle has the function of intelligent switch panel control, the power switch is installed in the monitoring room, each floor elevator.

Appropriate illumination sensors should also be set in reasonable parts of the building. According to the measured illuminance value and the preset value, the sensor can control the lighting opening, maximize the use of sunlight, and complete environmental protection and energy saving.

Set the solar illuminance at 50lx. When the solar illuminance is lower than 50lx, the aisle lighting will be turned on. The solar illuminance level set for the outdoor road surface and the transport safety passage is 20lx and 75lx respectively.

4. Office area and underground parking lot

the structure of big piano-key switch plastic mould control system is centrally managed in the office area of high-rise buildings. Intelligent control panels are installed at the entrance of the work area. According to different scenarios, different requirements are achieved and comfortable natural light environment is provided. Improve work efficiency. For the site with good lighting, illuminance sensor is installed. When the illuminance value reaches the office illuminance value, the lighting near the window can be turned off.

The total area of underground parking lot is relatively large, lighting lamps and lanterns, traditional simple power switch control will cause long-term failure lighting consumption. According to the structure of big piano-key switch plastic mould control system, parking Spaces are divided into different areas, time periods and functions, and are controlled according to the spacing of lighting control circuits of different emergency, lane, parking space and slope. Under the condition of all normal illumination, only part of the lighting is enabled to reduce energy consumption. The vehicle movement sensor is installed to complete the environmental protection and energy saving control of the carriageway according to the vehicle access condition.

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