Small businesses increasingly rely on information technology (IT) to catapult productivity, improve efficiency and offer them a competitive advantage. But in the event of computer problems, small businesses suffer. In fact, most small businesses cannot afford to have a computer scientist on their payroll, and hiring a computer can take hours or even days. This is bad news.


The good news is that it is becoming increasingly convenient for small businesses to outsource their IT help and level the playing field with big business owners. We will explain the essential differences between the Outsourced Help Desk and the maintenance of an IT guru in the staff and we will let you know the advantages of each option.


Advantages of Outsourcing Your IT Help Desk 


One of the main advantages of IT help desk outsourcing is the potential for saving money. IT helpdesk outsourcing saves money on payroll because you won't have to pay the salary or benefits of a computer scientist. Also, if everyone's technology is working properly, you won't pay your IT specialist to stay idle.


Another reason why small businesses choose to outsource their IT help desk service is 24/7 availability. An internal IT professional typically works Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm But what happens if your employees or customers need help after hours? This is when outsourcing to a trusted IT company can really pay off. Furthermore, outsourced IT help typically offers a faster response time than the internal service, since with an internal agreement there is often only one person managing the needs of the entire company. Employees are waiting for help, which not only reduces productivity but could have a negative impact on customer service.


An additional benefit of Outsourced Help Desk is that you could find a company specialized in your niche or industry. This can be a great advantage when it comes to troubleshooting, solving common industry problems and proactive problem resolution.